2019 Midwest Regional Lead and Healthy Housing Conference

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2019 Midwest Regional Lead and Healthy Housing Conference October 16 – 17, 2019 Held at the Drury Plaza Hotel in Indianapolis. The conferences bring together professionals from health, housing, community development, community groups, advocacy organizations, the lead industry, real estate firms, and residential and commercial facilities to explore ways to undertake programs and projects designed to prevent incidents of lead poisoning, eliminate indoor environmental hazards, and create healthy living and working environments.

About ICEarth, for LinkedIn

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Norm Roulet 8:44 AM to LinkedIn: Thank you for getting back to me.

In background, I'm an economist and management consultant pioneering in competitive benchmarking, originating in the utilities sectors, and my work is rooted in developing competitive benchmarking for Echelon, prior to Y2K, so working with IBM, Boeing, HP, DEC, SAIC, Motorola and select other global security enterprises developing our global security technology metrics systems, to COE.