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Why I founded UCANX, in 2010: U.S. agriculture secretary pledges Trump will announce way to boost biofuel demand. Perdue also said he held a meeting with Wheeler and Energy Secretary Rick Perry on Wednesday over the blend wall, which is the maximum amount of ethanol that can be blended into gasoline. “The waivers are reducing demand for biofuels and decreasing the value of our crop,” said Matt Frostic, president of the Michigan Corn Growers Association. “After six consecutive years of depressed commodity prices, on top of a challenging growing season, farmers can’t afford to take another hit.” Last week Trump tasked Perdue, EPA chief Andrew Wheeler and a few White House advisers to come up with a solution that will boost biofuel demand. Among the proposals circulated was to ramp up biofuel blending quotas but there has been disagreement over whether to start it this year or the next, sources said. Lawmakers from farm states, ethanol and biodiesel groups and corn farmers have been pushing the administration to propose immediate steps such as reallocating waived volumes into 2020 blending quotas. But a final agreement is yet to emerge in writing. Perdue said EPA’s Aug. 9 decision to issue 31 waivers to oil refiners was “unfortunate” and said to help remedy it, the U.S. Department of Agriculture presented proposals focusing on demand. These included strengthening infrastructure to allow more widespread use of E15, a higher-ethanol blend of gasoline.