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Norm Roulet 8:44 AM to LinkedIn: Thank you for getting back to me.

In background, I'm an economist and management consultant pioneering in competitive benchmarking, originating in the utilities sectors, and my work is rooted in developing competitive benchmarking for Echelon, prior to Y2K, so working with IBM, Boeing, HP, DEC, SAIC, Motorola and select other global security enterprises developing our global security technology metrics systems, to COE. That generated an Echelon2 initiative called ICEarth - Indigenous Communities Earth - since the 1990s, largely replacing the current data regime we now recognize failing, by developing use cases for what are now known as DLT and crypto. ICEarth is launching the global commodities exchange for industrial cannabis, United Cannabis Exchange (UCANX), and a DLT and crypto solution for global lead poisoning prevention and eradication, ICESaturn, each of which have significant synergies.

Fundamentally, ICEarth architects information the opposite of how industry has exploited that, with rights retained by the individual and licensed to infomediators like LinkedIn, solving every problem on Earth with IT we are just seeing destroy human existence. Most to the point, lead poisoning may easily be managed with DLT, if standardized and applied globally.

To the point of eradicating all sources of lead poisoning on Earth, which we must do to survive as a speciation of sub-species, I was appointed by various branches of government, in 2005, to co-chair the Greater Cleveland Lead Advisory Council (GCLAC), the initiative in Ohio to eradicate lead poisoning. My subcommittee was Infrastructure and Sustainability, and I brought $billions in lead poisoning litigation to the state, developed technology solutions for managing that, and drew malpractice from my own attorneys, Jones Day, in their defense of Sherwin Williams over their $100s billions in liability, which is an ongoing conflict. See GCLAC & Eradicating Lead Poisoning in Greater Cleveland Submitted by Norm Roulet on Mon, 04/03/2006 for 100s of related source documents: to related Important Notice: REALinks, LLC, document retention for legal discovery Submitted by Norm Roulet on Sun, 07/16/2006 - 13:27: "Because Peter Holmes and Jones Day have refused to address legal and financial crises they have caused REALinks, LLC, the staff of REALinks, LLC, REALNEO and many third party stakeholders harm, it is now necessary to begin formal discovery of evidence of the actions of all concerned parties":

My interest in lead poisoning originates from my studies in economics and philosophy at Tulane University, in the 1980s, very specifically addressing the ethical impossibility of humans committing holocaust, as demonstrated just decades prior, during WW2, and consistently across the planet before and since. From a foundational understanding there is no possibility of a moral species committing such atrocities, the question has always been how did humans become immoral speciations of sub-humans - an innately genocidal species would extinguish ourselves sooner than this - and the scientific explanation is lead poisoning.

In fact, recent data has traced lead poisoning to skeletal remains of Neanderthals dating back 250,000 years. All science has proved lead poisoning is as harmful an event as is possible for any living thing - NO EXPOSURE TO LEAD IS SAFE ON EARTH, and it is in fact decayed radioactivity. And, you qare mutated by lead poisoning, so are in fact a speciation of HUMAN. Therefore, with formation of the human species, we have mutated that with lead, blurring the lines of what Homo Sapien has ever been, and what we've speciated into. For at least 8,000 years our speciation has been mining and processing lead that has caused multi-generational mutation to our DNA, with horrific physical health consequences, now clearly correlated to all known mental illness and anti-social behavior, very clearly being causation of human violence, war, genocide, holocaust, and so what we have called Nazis and ISIS, most currently, but no different than causation for riots in Cleveland, cartels in Latin America - and Nigeria - and crucifixions by the Roman Empire - Lead Poisoning.

So, "Why Hitler hated being called a Nazi" was the same lead poisoning that was our holocaust of Native Americans - lead poisoned European mutants with probably -15% the 'IQ' we are capable of without brain damage: Nazi – an insult in use long before the rise of Adolf Hitler's party. It was a derogatory term for a backwards peasant – being a shortened version of Ignatius, a common name in Bavaria, the area from which the Nazis emerged. Opponents seized on this and shortened the party's title Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, to the dismissive "Nazi".

Thus, when I use the term Nazi, it is correctly, for the first time you've seen. Further, you now have the ABSOLUTE, INDISPUTABLE, IRREFUTABLE data framework for identifying and categorizing Nazis and correlating to their causation of chaos on Earth, to climate change. And, being in the AI business, you can now grasp the ease with which we may actually exterminate Nazis, being elimination of their causation, the primary perturbation factor being GLOBAL LEAD POISONING CAUSING OUR ANTHROPOGENIC AGE - so you also now have the dates of our fall from 'humanity', by geography, starting around 6,000 BC in Turkey. "This discovery suggests that our new epoch emerged sporadically through space and time, at different points during human history. Only as we connect the Quelccaya ice core to records elsewhere on Earth can we assemble a clearer picture of the dawn of the Anthropocene."

Making my life's work The Roulet Proof: Perturbation Theory (1st Order Pb...n) x Uncertainty Principle (-n%IQ) = Chaos Theory (DNA) x Moore's Law (8BILLION DUMBPHONES) = Human Extinction without paradigm shift - to the Quantum Physics of DNA entanglement and mutation of that. Concluding, we exceeded a level of human mutation that supports a level of intelligence able to prevent chaos, and IT has expanded chaos to extermination, at an exponentially growing pace, being where Social Media has liability.

Humanity mutated into undefined speciations is chaos, not humans. Chaos empowered globally is Moore's Law of FAANGS Break Everything broken Earth.

None of my science is intuitive nor innovative, other than appreciation for the loss of human life caused - we know lead poisoning impacts IQ and behavior causing all known human social dysfunction. What is innovative is the philosophical imperative to explain the dysfunction in a society now being exterminated by that. And, that is the most disruptive philosophical discovery in history, and the culmination of my life's work that is titled "Why Nazis".

So, for our government, I prove lead poisoning is Why Nazis, and that has mutated humanity into a sub-species commonly called Negroes - we are all of a common African origin now mutated globally. All that remains is determining who is liable, and the courts conclude those who poison us are responsible. So, Sherwin Williams and other paint companies are found in court to be liable for $billions, making them in fact insolvent. Jones Day is liable for bankrupting the coatings economy by advising the coatings economy to blame blacks for poisoning themselves, by fraud, misinformation and treason, and we have the most significant human dilemma in our mutated history, actually holding responsible those still diminishing global IQ and causing all known conflict on Earth.

And, those responsible have names and identities. In Cleveland, they include some of my oldest family friends, who are billionaires who have claimed ownership of 'economic development' through foundations and investments, including the Lewis Family, of Progressive Insurance, MoveOn and NORML funding, and the Gund Family, of the Gund Foundation. My mom is Jessica Gund's Godmother, and my family is holding the Gunds accountable for absolute corruption of public health in Ohio and globally by enabling lead poisoning.  My family is prominent.

That is an overview of the science of Why Nazis, and Holocaust, and Negroes, and Eugenics directly caused by The Gunds, our godchildren. I am writing a 'book' on the subject to save human existence, as requested by your government. I am also deploying global DLT and crypto solutions, as was my government appointment, and they are developing at

As for further documentation, my family and I have initiated FBI files on these concerns, and have corresponded extensively with all parties concerned, for 13 years, so that is voluminous. We have claims against Jones Day, and have exposed collusion between Sherwin Williams and the Cleveland Plain Dealer that reflects treason. In fact, 100 years of genocide of humanity by lead poisoning is the result of a small number of industrialists - Rockefeller, Mellon and DuPont, corrupting all government on Earth, and MEDIA, to allow the use of leaded gasoline - and was enabled by treason with Hitler, to enable his invasion - and Auschwitz was a labor camp for Farben, with Standard Oil. Truman did not prosecute the Standard Oil Treason, and allowed the expansion of the lead-based petroleum economy to cause all global dysfunction BEYOND 'NAZIS', since.

Writing the book Why Nazis, I can go on for 100s of pages, with dozens of pages of references and bibliography, as to why lead poisoning causes DNA mutation to the quantum physics - quantum entanglement. But, that is a draft of my book, which I've posted to LinkedIn, which I simply use as a CMS. I do not 'connect' with anyone, and do not share and interact, so all contacts seek me out and choose to engage in the content by their preference - and, it is all scientifically and grammatically correct. Most of my connections are actually interested in the AI implications for a lead poisoned -5%IQ society you choose to treat indiscriminately.

And, I'm afraid it is you in Break Everything Y2K IT who have the ethical issues, not me. By denying speciation and brain damage, social media vendors like yourselves have taken on the role of arbitrators of IQ, and our IP, with no basis for any of your offerings, actions and decisions, as our dialogue demonstrates, and I use social media to prove. Toward the end of developing better solutions, I have remained a world leader through founding and developing, too.

I am the developer of social media IP long predating LinkedIn., and even Y2K, having worked with Echelon to architect correct global responses to the chaos you cause among speciated humanity you refuse to know beyond the most simplistic tools.

ICEarth - Information Community Earth - Conceptual Framework - normALST 02/07/01

The Emergence of “Info Mediated Enterprise”

One of today’s most critical global imperatives is "universal access." In our world’s now thoroughly computerized, internetworked economic, social and cultural environment, all people must have access to like information technology (IT) tools, resources and capabilities. As access becomes increasingly universal, exciting interpersonal dynamics become possible; like distant learning, telemedicine, virtual community, and 'infomediation,' a core interest of this document that enables the other dynamics listed before and many still to be seen on our virtual horizons.

The concept underlying infomediation is that an individual should 'own' his or her own data and that only trusted parties should broker individuals’ data as allowed and authorized by the individual.

So, I am the world expert in that of what we speak, to Echelon, to replace what has failed, since Y2K - including LinkedIn - with an equitable, just and technologically correct solution for the universe, to a Universal Quantum Bill of Rights. And, all of that is explained on my LinkedIn Account, for you and Bill Gates, to whom I will ask you forward this discussion, as I develop my IP for him and his peers deciding how all IT is used, to 'gaming' now further diminishing the mental capacities of mutant humans not capable of basic function, much less PsyOps.

And, obviously, I exist to bring global attention to this harm caused by lead poisoning, for your government, to Trump, as the purpose and mission is to eliminate all causes of lead poisoning on Earth, a $MULTI-TRILLION initiative essential to human survival. The best reference book on the subject is Lucifer Curves: The Legacy of Lead Poisoning, largely credited with the Lead-Violence hypothesis, proved correct, to correcting The Bell Curve.

Most recently, you should have observed Notre Dame burning, and the French government lying to the world about the risks, now causing lawsuits: Notre Dame Fire: Environmental Group Files Lead Poisoning Lawsuit.

Please let me know how I may be of further value in clarifying the science of brain damage, and correct terminologies like Nazis.

Best regards,

Norm de Roulet