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Coalition is mum on how it produces the beer and what is involved, but Boyle says a constantly shifting legal landscape poses challenges and has forced numerous brewing adjustments. But, despite not being able to sell its CBD beer across state lines, Boyle said the strategy redirection had boosted sales at Coalition. The brewery sold 923 barrels of beer in Oregon last year, according to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission data, and it anticipates 1,250 this year, Walsky said. So what’s the effect on a beer drinker compared with “normal” beer? “I can’t really tell you how it feels,” Boyle said, “but anecdotally speaking, a friend said it well, you know how you feel after three or four beers, now imagine having those three or four beers in a hot tub. A little relaxed. We leave that up to people to do that for themselves.” Beyond its flagship Two Flowers IPA, a hoppy West Coast offering that tends toward the lighter side, a recent taplist included a CBD lemon shandy made with lemonade from Southeast Portland’s Rose’s Refreshers. Mahalo is a dry-hopped pineapple sour, and Color Me Kush IPA features marionberries and terpenes, oils from plants including marijuana that provide flavor. Longtime favorite King Kitty Northwest Red Ale also continues to grace the taplist. “It’s going great,” he said. “Still here making lots of beer, one of the only brewers here, if not the country, producing CBD beer right now. We’re brewing beer in one of the most innovative beer scenes in the world.”