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Cleveland Rising Summit Why I personally made Black Hitler Auschwitz Cleveland Treason the responsibility of the Why Cleveland Rising 4th Estate, Gund Billionaires, and CEO and BoD of the Cleveland Foundation: Cleveland Rising goals needs structure, money to succeed. The Greater Cleveland Partnership, which is the region’s chamber of commerce, along with state jobs promoter Team NEO, the Cleveland Foundation and the Gund Foundation all had representatives at the conference.

Some summit participants pointed out ways that local governments, nonprofits and the private sector could work together to harness resources more effectively. This notion of “tri-sector collaboration” was promoted early in the summit and came up over and over again.

One team created a “Cleveland Declaration of Interdependence” that included a cooperative call to arms.

The first step in that process, the team said, is to have the leadership of Cleveland Rising, the City of Cleveland and the Greater Cleveland Partnership – three groups heading down parallel but disconnected paths - to get on the same page. While Cleveland Rising organized the summit, the City of Cleveland is working on its own initiative called Cleveland 2030, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership and others have been promoting something called the Cleveland Innovation Project.

A call to Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson’s office seeking comment was not returned. Jackson did not attend the summit.

Robert Jaquay, associate director of the Gund Foundation, said the summit produced some big ideas, but now each group must work on the “ways and means” of bringing them to fruition. That includes identifying funding streams as well as building civic consensus.

Another dilemma is how to merge the summit’s fresh ideas with solutions already in the works at existing organizations.

Jaquay said he believes a number of the ideas that emerged from the summit “will advance,” although he declined to suggest which ones.

Overall, Jaquay said he was encouraged by the energy at the summit and the number of fully engaged young people who participated.

“If there’s a cadre of leadership that emerges from this conference,” he said, that alone might be worth all the time and effort involved in putting the event together.